Town of Lanark - Ordinances

Roads and related
Culvert Placement
Fire Number Placement
Road Standards
Speed Zones/Weight limits
Special Speed Zones
Dedication of Public Roads
Dedication of Public Roads (Amended)

Snowmobile Routes
Snowmobile Route 2000
Snowmobile Route  2001
Snowmobile Route  2002
Snowmobile Route  2005
Snowmobile Route 2008
Snowmobile Route 2016

Board of Review
Alternate Member 2000
Alternate Member 2003
Alternate Member 2005
Alternate Member 2006

Cemetery Ordinance
Cemetery Regulations

Planning, Zoning & Development
Plan CommissionIrrigation Pumps
Comprehensive PlanNon-Metallic Mining
Delegating Issuance of Building PermitsMinimum Dwelling Standards
Adoption of Uniform Building CodeLand Splits/Combinations

Government Operations
Poll Hours
Village Powers
Ward Boundaries
Continuing Business License
Public Records and Property
Alternative Claim Procedure for Tax Payment Refunds
Alternative Claim Procedure

Issuance of Provisional Operators Licenses
Prohibiting Issuance of Alcohol Beverage Licenses For Nonpayment of Taxes, Assessments and Claims
Ordinance Banning Nudity On Premises Licensed To Sell Alcoholic Beverages
Weapon Control Ordinance (Evergreen Hills Subdivision)
Keg Registration
Fire Numbering and Placement Ordinance 01-2009